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Solution for Lower Cost and Higher Quality


  1. Personalized concierge assists patients, who are told they need surgery, to gather and upload pertinent medical records and imaging.
  2. Records and imaging are sent to the SurgiConnect app.
  3. Boarded surgeons receive push notifications for new surgical cases, review records and imaging, and determine medical necessity.
  4. A private practice surgeon and his/her facility, recommending surgery, can enter his/her surgeon’s fee and facility fees, respectively. The surgeon also enters past experience with that procedure, such as number of cases performed, success and complication rates. Employed surgeons can have the facility enter the bundled price.
  5. Patients choose their surgeon based on out-of-pocket cost and quality measures very specific to their procedure.


  • Promote Consumerism
  • Significantly lower healthcare expenses
  • Lower Stop/Loss Risk and premiums
  • Hiring Advantage
  • Increase employee satisfaction


  • Personalized concierge service
  • Empowered with tools to comparison-shop surgeons
  • Multiple opinion service
  • Safeguard against unnecessary surgery
  • Access options for vanishing deductible
  • Employees choose their own surgeon
  • No in-network or out-of-network issues
  • No bills months later